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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Degusta Box.. December!

I'm all for subscription boxes.. Glossy box, Birch box you name it I've tried them! Some times you just get a little bit bored of the same old products but when I saw a offer for Degustabox for £4.99... I thought yes a food box! 

From past reviews I noticed you get a variety of cupboard supermarket foods. That are easily available and contain anything from Jelly to pasta! 

For an original price of £12.99 you do get a variety of things inside!

Inside Decembers box.

Nuva Water. £1.49 each
Not to start the post on a downer but these waters come in two flavours cucumber and mint and lemon and ginger. I love water, and I love naturally infused waters.. But having tried the Cucumber and mint version of these I can honestly say they are disgusting!! So much so.. I dare not even open the lemon one. 

Red square toffee vodka £1.99
Now where talking, I love vodka and I love toffee.. So I cannot wait to try this I'm sure it will be lovely!

Crabbies Ginger Beer Light £1.49
Not my cup of tea but I know my Dad will enjoy this.. you are supposed to mix the vodka with the ginger beer.. but not a chance am I wasting good vodka on that.

Nothing but £1.69
Coming in two flavours, Strawberry and banana & Pineapple and grape. I've never heard of this brand but I can honestly say these are amazing. There not like normal dried fruit they have a crisp like texture.. nothing I've ever tasted but I love them.

Koko Dairy free Coconut milk £1.79
Simply a cupboard staple. As a dairy milk drinker I love trying different options.

Betavito Cereal £1
These will be brilliant for my Mam who is a diabetic proven to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose. Although quite expensive as they come in packs of 15 for £14.99

Hip hop crisps £1 
A healthy alternative to crisps with less than 50% less fat. I tried the salt and vinegar ones and they are really really good.. definite thumbs up. 

Compete energy bar 2 pack £1.99
One of these is apparently the equivalent of a large coffee.. Low calorie infused chocolate in a lemon flavour, im not sure how I feel about these.. I love my coffee.

Chai latte.
Having heard really good reviews on these I'm looking forward to trying this.

Barilla Mediterranean pasta sauce and fusili pasta (£3.50 together) 
As a lover of pasta in general this is a happy edition to my cupboards and its nice to get a actual meal in the box.

Fabulous bakers mango & pineapple bars £1.80
Out of everything in the box this is probably the one thing I will definitely be repurchasing there just so nice.. 4 in a pack for £1.80 such good value for four.. there more a flapjack consistency than a standard cereal bar and are made from only the best natural good ingredients.

So all in all I think this box is amazing value. Allowing you to try brands you might not have tried and discovering new favourite products, Although I won't keep this as a monthly sub (as I don't wan to end up with cupboards full of food!).. I will definitely keep it in mind for a one off treat once in a while 

Use the code 2SALE499 at check out. Enjoy Degustabox and Save £7 today.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Garnier Moisture Match. Dry skin hero!

When I repurchase a product, I must obviously like it. When I repurchase a product 4-5 times.. well its pretty self explanatory really!

Garner moisture match, is one of my favourite products and has been for quite a while. I suffer from extremely dry skin,  So this ultra hydrating rich cream really does the trick and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. As it is a very thick cream I tend to leave it settle into my skin for a few minutes before I apply my make-up..  wich is fine for me as I tend to dawdle on a morning drinking coffee and watching YouTube videos! 

You can buy Garnier from Boots, Superdrug.. even your local supermarket and retails for £5.99 but can be found on offer quite frequently for around £2-£3 (Usually when I stock up!)

The moisture match range doesn't just end there, they do 5 different variety's mattifying, start a fresh, Wake me up and protect and glow. So there really is something to match every skin tone. 

Whats your skin care hero product? 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

FABB Middlesbrough Event!

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the FABB event in my home town of Middlesbrough, in House of fraser. Coming from the North East blogger events are little and far in between.. If you have never heard of Fabb events they are by the lovely Tor of ThatsPeachy and Ray from WhoIsShe  They have done various blogger events up and down the country. 

The night consisted of chatting with the girls, Playing with make-up and getting beauty treatments. There was also a £300 beauty hamper to win. 

We learnt about various beauty brands, where beauty shows from brands such as Dior, YSL, Clarins, Estee Lauder, and Benefit.

My favourites of the night where the YSL contouring, where we got to have our makeup done, and watching makeup being applied, I got colour matched to the Touch Eclat foundation which I got a sample of and have been really enjoying!

Another favourite was Benefit, The lovely Luce Stephenson, Also a fellow blogger and youtuber.. was brilliant at showing us all the new products and how we should be doing our eyebrows! She made me want to buy the entire counter.

I didn't take many photos as I was to busy in the moment enjoying myself. (I'm new to this event thing!) we also got giving an amazing little goody bag filled with endless samples and products which I have been loving trying out, and loving although my bank balance doesn't agree 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Current Loves! May Holiday edition

I can't believe how quick May has come and almost gone! I have had a really good month, Mainly because I went on holiday to sunny Spain.. But for now onto the products!

Loriel Skin perfecting BB cream in light £12.99

(bought on discount in TJ Huges for around £6-8)

This month I have been loving lightweight dewy foundations, I have re found my love for BB creams. This blends into the skin like a dream and leaves a nice flawless perfected look and gives very good coverage, I wore this on my holiday and my skin looks glowing!

Malibu Miracle tan £2.99 Home Bargains

This stuff is beyond amazing! I never ever ever tan, I just stay the same shade of white or I'll burn and be red even with the highest factor!, Last year I went to turkey and come back whiter than I went! As I said I had a mini 5 day holiday to the Costa Brava AND I GOT A LITTLE TAN! 

The idea of this product is it is a tan accelerator you use it before and after you have been in the sun, I used this along with my SPF 30 (gotta be protected guys!) it contains no fake tan but just some how makes your skin tan using the skins own melanin. I don't know how it works but I didn't burn at all.. and I got a nice little tan.. it also makes a lovely body moisturiser and have been using it at home since!

Elizabeth 8 hour lip balm

Whilst I was in the airport I needed a lip balm but stupidly it was in my suitcase! The only lip balm I could find was this for 7 euro! I've heard so so so so many good things about this and they are so right.. it soothed my lips instantly and felt like a major relief.. I have been using this ever since religiously.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder £11 Boots.

Its all about bronzer in the summer! Gotta make yourself look like a bronze goddess after all.. I love this bronzer because even if you're super pale or tanned it just works, its not orange just a lovely shade of bronzer that looks natural.

Primark textured effect Nail varnish £2

I love nail varnish but I can't wear it everyday due to work rules, My nail varnish of choice was this from Primark.. unfortunately it doesn't have a name but it is a gorgeous orange pink glitter. This was only £2 and didn't chip at all. 

Soap and Glory Trick and treatment £9.50 

I was in desperate need of a new concealer for my under eyes, I picked this up because it was on offer on a whim, I've never seen any reviews or anything on this but thought I'd give it ago, It is brilliant! It conceals your under eye area like a dream and blends so nicely most importantly.. It doesn't crease! Winner. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow pomade £15

I have been using this product for months, I haven't touched a different brow product since, it is a little pot of dream. I tell you! if you want brows on point that do not budge, I 100% recommend this with a good pointed eyebrow brush your onto a winner. At £15 its not the cheapest but overall you will save money because you need so little it will last you ages! 

Max factor excess shimmer copper.

Summer is all about the minimalistic glowy look, and this little cream eyeshadow is perfect for adding a little bit of colour and sparkle to your eyes! I apply a little bit of this daily blend and apply mascara and it looks like you've made a lot of effort when in fact you've made non.. Amazing!

I will finish the post of with some holiday pics, It really was perfect. We went to a little place just outside of Barcelona called Calella.

Our amazing view from the balcony! 

Gorgeous roof terrace where we spent most of the week sunbathing and sipping cocktails in the Jacuzzis 
Beach, Sun and cocktails.. that is all! 

YOU Beauty Discovery CEW Limited Edition Box 2015

I love a good beauty box, When these limited edition boxes come out I love them even more, You beauty discovery brought out a grand little box In celebration of the 2015 CEW Beauty Award and has over £100 value. 



This is quite an amazing sample as a 50ml tub of this product is a whopping £80! you get a very generous 30ml! Crazy value for money! Although at 21 I don't really need anti ageing products just yet so haven't noticed any effects of this product but this has been a very nice day moisturiser and kept my skin hydrated and radiant.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is our most popular and powerful anti-ageing cream. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78% and increase skin hydration and moisture levels by up to 45% 



Another amazing sample, This full size product is worth £19.99 alone, the same value as this whole box! Although I must say I am a bit weirded out by the concept of this product. I am very intrigued to try this as it has so many benefits, such as softened wrinkles, smoother skin, antioxidant protection and improved hydration. Its definitely a product worth trying. 



I had a tube of this mascara from one of the British Beauty blogger boxes, and absolute loved it.. so I was more than happy to have a little sample! This mascara just makes my lashes look like no other mascara does making my barely there lashes look thick volumised and lengthened!



Although I am not really a liner kinda girl, I'm really happy to see this in my box. It has been raved about from every blogger and their dog. I am yet to try this, but when I do I will be sure to let you know how I get on as a eyeliner amature! 



I took this little cleanser on my recent holiday, and I must say this is a fantastic cleanser that removes every last trace of makeup. Skin feels hydrated and clean. I thoroughly enjoyed using this and would possibly repurchase. 



I have had a couple of samples of this from various other boxes, but I'm always happy for another, its one of those products you wouldn't buy but your happy to use it when you have it. When my hair has a real product build up, or needs a good cleanse I will pop this on about 20 minutes before I wash my hair, I don't know how it does it but your hair just feels new again!



I have never really been a fake tan person as I have dry skin and eczema, But having caught my self a little tan in Spain I think I might give it another try! I've heard some really good reviews on this product and the little mitt is just adorable! 

Lastly we have two little samples. Not much to say about these, but I will use the cleanser and give the aftershave away.

As you can see you definitely got your £19.99 worth ! What an amazing box.. I will genuinely use everything and have already been impressed by some of the products. You get over £100 value and I think its fair to say that is true as the Marine cream is worth £48 alone! 

Whats your favourite item in the box? would you buy it? click here for more information and how to buy it 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

April Glossy Box. Iconic Hollywood Edition

I have been subscribed to glossy box since July, and although I didn't intend to keep on subscribing each month I loved the little surprise boxes and always enjoyed my products!

This month it was 'Iconic Hollywood edition' I love there limited edition boxes... Usually that is!

Isn't that packaging beautiful? Definitely a box to keep. There where 4 different colour boxes each with a different quote from a Iconic star gorgeous!

The contents!

Negative Nigel spoiler!

Lord & Berry Lipstick pencil. 

(Full size £10)

Although this is a good sample, Its just not for me. Matte lips I really do not like, and I am not really a fan of red.. But I know quite a few people would be more than happy with this lip pencil in the shade Kiss.

Beauty Kajal eye-liner pen.

( Full size £6.50)

Another average kinda eye-liner, Its OK its very black and does the trick.. I'm just not so sure its worth £6.50 I've had eye-liners for a £1 do just a good of a job.. again a nice sample that I may use.

Colour Club Nail polish

(Full size £4.10)

In the bottle this 'Barely there' Nail polish doesn't look like very much, But upon using this it is a perfect nude everyday colour for someone like me, who isn't really allowed nail polish for work.. Its Barely there but Kinda is there if you get me. I actually really like this.

IDC body lotion

(100ml for £3.59 )

This looks like a moisturiser from a unwanted Christmas gift.. One my Nanna would even turn her nose up at..  Plus I hate lavender so I wouldn't even try it to begin with.. it reeks!

Astral Original moisturiser

(50ml worth around 50p)

Really glossy box? Astral.. I've seen this in many of pound shops and Home bargains for less than a pound.. I did actually give this the benefit of the doubt and try it as it claims to deeply hydrate and prep the skin.. I tried it my skin burnt and come out in hives straight away another product in the bin. 


So you might have guessed it.. I'm really unimpressed by this month and alot of other people where to.. There was just no thought into it once you past the pretty packaging! I basically paid £14 for a £4 nail varnish and a pretty box..

Do you think this box is worth it? am I the only negative Nigel here!

Wax Melts, That smell like Snow Fairy?

Its no secret that I love lush, The smell of some of there products just make me so so happy, I remember getting my first Christmas Candy Mountain and Snow fairy shower gel and thinking.. I wish there was a way to make my room smell like this!

 I love my wax melts, But I wanted a change from the standard Yankee tarts. So decided to browse the home made wax melts, I'd heard of some that smelt like designer perfumes. Alien.. Channel number 5.. One million you name it.. But this one particular seller really stood out... why you ask?


Less than a minute later, I was typing in my Pay-pal password and they where ordered. As soon as the parcel came I ripped them open.. they couldn't possibly smell like snow fairy? could they! Let me tell you now, they smell exactly like the infamous scent... and for under £3 they scent the whole room in seconds leaving sweet candy goodness lingering for hours.

If it doesn't get better than that, cute little shapes AND glitter I mean come on you know your onto a winner, I can honestly say these are some of the best quality wax tarts I have ever used, I will be placing a few more orders that's for sure.

To browse Mothers goodies on eBay, Click here or check out the seller MothersGoodies10


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