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Thursday, 23 April 2015

April Glossy Box. Iconic Hollywood Edition

I have been subscribed to glossy box since July, and although I didn't intend to keep on subscribing each month I loved the little surprise boxes and always enjoyed my products!

This month it was 'Iconic Hollywood edition' I love there limited edition boxes... Usually that is!

Isn't that packaging beautiful? Definitely a box to keep. There where 4 different colour boxes each with a different quote from a Iconic star gorgeous!

The contents!

Negative Nigel spoiler!

Lord & Berry Lipstick pencil. 

(Full size £10)

Although this is a good sample, Its just not for me. Matte lips I really do not like, and I am not really a fan of red.. But I know quite a few people would be more than happy with this lip pencil in the shade Kiss.

Beauty Kajal eye-liner pen.

( Full size £6.50)

Another average kinda eye-liner, Its OK its very black and does the trick.. I'm just not so sure its worth £6.50 I've had eye-liners for a £1 do just a good of a job.. again a nice sample that I may use.

Colour Club Nail polish

(Full size £4.10)

In the bottle this 'Barely there' Nail polish doesn't look like very much, But upon using this it is a perfect nude everyday colour for someone like me, who isn't really allowed nail polish for work.. Its Barely there but Kinda is there if you get me. I actually really like this.

IDC body lotion

(100ml for £3.59 )

This looks like a moisturiser from a unwanted Christmas gift.. One my Nanna would even turn her nose up at..  Plus I hate lavender so I wouldn't even try it to begin with.. it reeks!

Astral Original moisturiser

(50ml worth around 50p)

Really glossy box? Astral.. I've seen this in many of pound shops and Home bargains for less than a pound.. I did actually give this the benefit of the doubt and try it as it claims to deeply hydrate and prep the skin.. I tried it my skin burnt and come out in hives straight away another product in the bin. 


So you might have guessed it.. I'm really unimpressed by this month and alot of other people where to.. There was just no thought into it once you past the pretty packaging! I basically paid £14 for a £4 nail varnish and a pretty box..

Do you think this box is worth it? am I the only negative Nigel here!


  1. I agree with you, the packaging is gorgeous but not sure the products make it worth it. I was considering ordering one but after reading this, I'm not sure I will x

    1. I had my free box this month and have now unsubscribed! That £13.99 a month could be going to far mor better things.. A MAC LIPSTICK for one never disappoints !

  2. Ahh that's a shame I quite liked the box this month, I got a rose scented shower gel which smells nice and I really like the lip crayon and eyeliner, they are very hit and miss monthly though Glossybox I find.

    Helen -

    1. Yeah I know they can't cater for everyone but it was just really underwhelming! I used my glossy dots and unsubscribed! I prefare the colabiration boxes latest in beauty.. you beauty discovery etc do.. so much more value for money xx

  3. oh i have to agree im loving the box on its own not sure ide be interested in the contents though

    1. I have loads of these boxes cluttering my room up now ! there too pretty I like them more than the contents sometimes! need to find a use for the boxes xx


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