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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Degusta Box.. December!

I'm all for subscription boxes.. Glossy box, Birch box you name it I've tried them! Some times you just get a little bit bored of the same old products but when I saw a offer for Degustabox for £4.99... I thought yes a food box! 

From past reviews I noticed you get a variety of cupboard supermarket foods. That are easily available and contain anything from Jelly to pasta! 

For an original price of £12.99 you do get a variety of things inside!

Inside Decembers box.

Nuva Water. £1.49 each
Not to start the post on a downer but these waters come in two flavours cucumber and mint and lemon and ginger. I love water, and I love naturally infused waters.. But having tried the Cucumber and mint version of these I can honestly say they are disgusting!! So much so.. I dare not even open the lemon one. 

Red square toffee vodka £1.99
Now where talking, I love vodka and I love toffee.. So I cannot wait to try this I'm sure it will be lovely!

Crabbies Ginger Beer Light £1.49
Not my cup of tea but I know my Dad will enjoy this.. you are supposed to mix the vodka with the ginger beer.. but not a chance am I wasting good vodka on that.

Nothing but £1.69
Coming in two flavours, Strawberry and banana & Pineapple and grape. I've never heard of this brand but I can honestly say these are amazing. There not like normal dried fruit they have a crisp like texture.. nothing I've ever tasted but I love them.

Koko Dairy free Coconut milk £1.79
Simply a cupboard staple. As a dairy milk drinker I love trying different options.

Betavito Cereal £1
These will be brilliant for my Mam who is a diabetic proven to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose. Although quite expensive as they come in packs of 15 for £14.99

Hip hop crisps £1 
A healthy alternative to crisps with less than 50% less fat. I tried the salt and vinegar ones and they are really really good.. definite thumbs up. 

Compete energy bar 2 pack £1.99
One of these is apparently the equivalent of a large coffee.. Low calorie infused chocolate in a lemon flavour, im not sure how I feel about these.. I love my coffee.

Chai latte.
Having heard really good reviews on these I'm looking forward to trying this.

Barilla Mediterranean pasta sauce and fusili pasta (£3.50 together) 
As a lover of pasta in general this is a happy edition to my cupboards and its nice to get a actual meal in the box.

Fabulous bakers mango & pineapple bars £1.80
Out of everything in the box this is probably the one thing I will definitely be repurchasing there just so nice.. 4 in a pack for £1.80 such good value for four.. there more a flapjack consistency than a standard cereal bar and are made from only the best natural good ingredients.

So all in all I think this box is amazing value. Allowing you to try brands you might not have tried and discovering new favourite products, Although I won't keep this as a monthly sub (as I don't wan to end up with cupboards full of food!).. I will definitely keep it in mind for a one off treat once in a while 

Use the code 2SALE499 at check out. Enjoy Degustabox and Save £7 today.

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